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General Rules

1. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the pit area.

2. Misconduct at the event, either through driving or behavior will be cause for ejection from the event. Tampering with any required safety device or safety equipment to render it ineffective will be grounds for immediate ejection from the event and will carry a fine and/or a suspension from Association Events for an amount and/or time to be determined by the event officials.

3. Failure to follow directions from the starter or any race official will be cause for disqualification.

4. Vehicles may not proceed to the staging lanes without passing a technical inspection.

5. Crew personnel in the staging lanes or starting line area should be fully attired (shoes are required). All occupants of push trucks must be seated while vehicle is in motion. Starter and primer of remote start cars must stand to side of car, not in front of vehicle.

6. All races will be final when you take the stage bulbs; no rerun after the race has been run. If you accept the green light, you accept the official outcome of that race.

7. A jack and jack stands are required when working underneath any car in the pits. When starting a vehicle in the pit area, vehicle must be fully within the assigned pit space and a licensed driver must be in the driver's seat.

8. All cars will be inspected for general safety and adherence to ONA rules. By your entry into this event, you acknowledge the ONA’s right to inspect your vehicle at any time for legality and/or safety violations. ONA will make every effort to make these inspections in a timely manner. ONA’s policy on allowable limits in cubic inch of displacement, weight or any other standard is 0 (zero) tolerance. The racer must allow for any variance in measuring devices.

9. One (1) burnout across the starting line is allowed.

10. Starter’s decision is final in all matters of staging or starting of the race.

11. The Race Director’s decision will be final in any disputes.

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